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I'd like to point out some minor revisions to the Conceptual, 3R and 4R Conceptual Study Report templates. First - To be consistant with the rest of the EPG and the 3R & 4R reports, re-lable under "Design Traffic" Design Speed as Opertional (Posted ) Speed. Second - Both the 3R & 4R reports, under "Project Information", need to have the items labeled as A thru L rather than A thu G followed by E through I. Third - I'd suggest "Resurfacing, Restoration and Rehabilitation be added to the 3R title. Fourth- I'd suggest "Resurfacing" be added to the beginning of the "Restoration, Rahabilitation or Reconstruction..." 4R title. Thanks!

3R and 4R Conceptual Reports

We will consider your comments and revise the forms as necessary. Thanks for the input.

3R and 4R Conceptual Reports

Your suggestion concerning improvements to these forms have been made. They will be "filed" very soon on Design's "K" drive which can be accessed under the "Design Forms" category in "101 Standard Forms-Engineering Policy Guide". They are also available through the links provided in "128 Conceptual Studies".