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In the Figure 1 (link below), it shows that the "absorb" starts at the "beginning of new r/w purchase" or ends at the "end of r/w purchase". Shouldn't it state "beginning of new alignment" or "end of new alignment". Correct me if I'm wrong, but a change in Route should refer to the point when the route changes and not the right of way?

Sometimes we have ample existing right of way where the new road starts its re-alignment before the need of new right of way. It is this section that I am referring to that should be considered within the lmits of "absorb".

Sam Masters:A Change in Route Status is really a property ownership issue. The change in "route" refers to land not pavement. The "absorb" or "convey" refers to ownership of the land on which the pavement rests. In essence, the pavement goes along for the ride.

When we "absorb" the right of way of the old alignment, we keep it within the right of way limits of the new alignment.

When we "convey" the right of way of the old alignment to others we transfer ownership of the land we owned within the limits of the former right of way that now lie outside the limits of the right of way for the new alignment.