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The new information on Flags and Advanced Warning Rail Systems is duplicated in both 616.2.9 and 616. It would make any future revisions simpler if one section simply referred to the other.

Sam Masters: The information now resides only in 616.2.9. It has been removed from 616. and a link to 616.2.9 has been left in its place.

Keith L. Smith: Although future revisions would be simplified by having the information in only one EPG article, the placement of the new Flags and Advanced Warning Rail Systems information into two EPG locations was approved by MoDOT’s leadership via the EPG Approval Process. This continues the practice of somewhat special treatment for EPG 616.23 TCFO, as requested by Traffic. Thus, the new information is now in both EPG 616.2 and EPG 616.23, as before.