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D10 is looking at the new, yellow box "2008 Roadway Visibility Direction" at the top of EPG 620.1.

Which pay item is to be used for major roads where we are painting rumble strips? Is it the high build acrylic waterborn, the wet reflective high build or the white (or yellow) acrylic?

D10 looked at the JSP and EPG language

D10 looked at the JSP and EPG language and thought the new directive would cause the high build acrylic waterborn to go away. It can be confusing.

Also, D10 recommends some new way to phrase a statement under "Materials" in the new directive.

Major Roads • Type 2 tape to be installed inside the edgelines on major divided highways

This seems to indicate that tape is only for the lane lines. Is this correct?

1. Rumble strips on major roads (and minor roads) get acrylic waterborne. This is the "second generation" paint we just removed from specs and bid items last fall and now will be put back into the standards.
There are too many terms, here is a key:
Second generation paint = (ye olde) acrylic waterborne = standard paint
Fourth generation paint = high build acrylic waterborne (All of the high build used under the current policy will be used with the "wet reflective" bid items.)
2. Type 2 tape is for lane lines but also for storage lines for turn lanes and exit/entrance lanes.


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