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I'm looking for a drawing for interchange onramp/offramp delineation, and median crossover delineation. I know there's a standard plan for interchanges, but I don't see it referenced here. Could we also get one for median crossovers?

Dan Tschirgi: A link has been added to Standard Plan 903.03 where delineator standard installation details are shown for ramps. Although there is no current effort underway, some standards for median crossovers (especially Types 3, 4 and 5), including delineation, may be needed. The Traffic and Design Divisions will be consulted to determine their perception of the need for these additional standards.

Delineation Standard

Thanks Dan.

I found the link and the pages from the standard that I need. But, it's kind of confusing that Delineators are in the EPG 620.3, but in Standard Plan 903. Can Traffic also be asked about clearing this up? Maybe if another section is created discussing median opening delineation, the link could be added there, and would help guide people to the correct standard.

Dan Tschirgi: It turns out that standard signing and delineation specs for the type 3, 4, and 5 crossovers are being worked on. We can revisit the location of corresponding guidance in the process, either by moving guidance or linking.