1059.4 Laboratory Testing Guidelines for Sec 1059

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This article establishes procedures for testing and prequalification of protective coating material. Refer to Sec 1059 for MoDOT’s specifications.

1059.4.1 Apparatus

The apparatus shall be as designated in the test methods referred to for testing the particular type of material.

1059.4.2 Procedure

Follow the procedures for testing and prequalification of protective coating material called out in Sec 1059. The documentation furnished by the manufacturer shall be evaluated for compliance with Sec 1059.

1059.4.3 Sample Record

The sample record shall be completed in SiteManager, as described in Sample Record General Information Bulldozer.jpg, and shall indicate acceptance, qualified acceptance or rejection. Appropriate remarks, as described in EPG 106.20 Reporting, are to be included in the remarks to clarify conditions of acceptance or rejection. Test results shall be reported on the appropriate templates under the Tests tab.