TM-77, Determining the Binder Ignition Aggregate Correction Factor for Mixtures Containing Rap

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This test method determines the binder ignition oven asphalt calibration factor for mixtures containing Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP).

This test method describes the procedure for preparation of materials specimens for use in AASHTO T308.

RAP material composes a small portion of the blended mixture and the RAP correction factor should be similar to the correction factor for the virgin aggregate. As a result, the RAP correction factor is ignored in determining the correction factor for the blended mixture.


In lieu of using prepared samples at the design asphalt content, as specified in section 6.3 of AASHTO T308, substitute the virgin aggregate blend at the virgin asphalt content.

Determine the correction factor (CF) for the virgin mixture in accordance with section 6 of AASHTO T308.