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M-TRAC certifies and helps develops training for MoDOT Test Methods

Materials to be used by MoDOT are tested in accordance with one or more of the following methods:

(a) The methods specified by a recognized national standard agency such as ASTM, AASHTO, AWWA, AWS, etc.
(b) The methods specified by a recognized national standard agency modified by MoDOT to reflect local conditions.
(c) Test methods devised by MoDOT and on file with the Commission as MoDOT Test Methods.
(d) Test methods as described in the individual articles of the Engineering Policy Guide.
(e) Test methods specified in the contract.
(f) When appropriate methods have not been specified, tests shall be performed in a manner determined by the engineer.

When a specification of a recognized national standard agency (ASTM, AASHTO, AWWA, AWS, etc.) is designated, the material shall meet either the designated specification if a date is indicated or the latest revision thereof in effect at the time of letting of the contract. Tests on samples of materials will be made in accordance with the methods specified in the contract or in accordance with the latest methods in effect at the time of letting of the contract, as prescribed by the national standard agency. Such national standard specifications and methods of tests shall include those designated as tentative, interim or amended and officially approved and published by the sponsoring agency.

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Inspections Based on Non-MoDOT Specifications

MoDOT inspectors are often tasked with following specifications neither produced nor controlled by MoDOT such as those for materials and tests governed by AASHTO or ASTM. Also, inspectors may administer contracts using completely different specification systems such as the American Public Works Association or another state’s specification.

Inspectors should be careful not to distribute copyrighted materials outside the department. This includes ASTM and AASHTO specifications referenced in MoDOT specifications and contracts. A contractor, supplier or third party needing a copy of the ASTM or AASHTO specifications must go through retail channels.

The Construction and Materials division licenses the full ASTM standard in electronic form. Any MoDOT inspector needing a copy of an ASTM standard should contact the Materials Lab or the Field Office.

AASHTO standards are available in book format. The Construction and Materials division buys several sets of books each year. Each district should distribute the AASHTO books in the best manner to meet the needs of the inspectors. Districts can elect to buy additional book sets after considering the costs and benefits.

When a non-MoDOT specification is changed the newest version should be followed. If the change made to a non-MoDOT specification negatively impacts the contractor, supplier or MoDOT, the case should be examined and the best course of action determined. Central Office Construction and Materials should be notified when a change in ASTM or AASHTO impacts MoDOT business.

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