TM-9, Resilience of Hot-Poured Elastic Type Joint Sealer

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This test method covers the procedure for determining the resilience of hot-poured, plastic type joint sealer.


A specimen shall be prepared as prescribed for the Penetration test. It shall be placed in position in a penetrometer, AASHTO T49, except that a steel ball having a diameter of 0.670 in., plus or minus 0.005 in., attached to a shaft with a diameter of approximately 0.2 in. and 2 in. long with a suitable extension for inserting in the penetrometer shall be substituted for the needle. See Fig. The total weight of the moving plunger shall be 75 grams, plus or minus 0.01 grams.

The ball coated with glycerine shall be placed in contact with the specimen in air at 77 F. ±2 F, and the indicating dial shall be set at zero. The ball shall be loaded manually to cause it to penetrate the specimen to a dial reading of 100 at approximately a uniform rate in 10 seconds. The ball shall be locked in this position and held for 5 seconds during which time the indicating dial shall be reset to zero. The locking mechanism shall then be released. At the end of 20 seconds, the indicating dial shall be read. Resilience expressed as a percentage shall be reported as 100 minus the dial reading.

Figure, Ball Penetration