171.8 Snow and Ice Control

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Refer to EPG 133 Snow and Ice Control for:

SIC(A1) Anti-icing
SIC(A2) Operational Closure
SIC(A3) Intent
SIC(A4) Winter Operations Communication Plan.

171.8.1 Materials

Refer to EPG 133.1 Materials for Snow and Ice Control for:

SIC(B1) Liquid Chemicals
SIC(B2) Storage
SIC(B3) Salt Prefill
SIC(B4) Salt Replenishment
SIC(B5) Large Storage Facilities
SIC(B6) Abrasives
SIC(B7) Liquidated Damages
SIC(B8) Pre-wetting.

171.8.2 Equipment

Refer to EPG 133.2 Equipment for Snow and Ice Control for:

SIC(C1) Slow Moving Vehicle Sign
SIC(C2) Plow Width Delineator
SIC(C3) Equipment Warning Lights
SIC(C4) Maintaining Equipment:
SIC(C5) Calibration
SIC(C6) Rented Equipment Lighting.

171.8.3 Personnel

Refer to EPG 133.3 Snow and Ice Control Personnel for:

SIC(D1) Personnel from other Functional Units
SIC(D2) Snow & Ice Operations Training
SIC(D3) Emergency Equipment Operators
SIC(D4) Working Hours
SIC(D5) Shifts
SIC(D6) On Call
SIC(D7) Reimbursement for Meals.

171.8.4 Operations

Refer to EPG 133.4 Snow and Ice Control Operations for:

SIC(E1) Route Classifications
SIC(E2) Mailboxes
SIC(E3) Limits of Work
SIC(E4) Emergencies off Right of Way
SIC(E5) Safety Precautions
SIC(E6) Statewide Winter Road Condition Report
SIC(E7) Abandoned Vehicles
SIC(E8) Winter Event Database.