771.10 Bridge Joint Sealing - Hot Pour

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Code: R327

Hot pour bridge joint sealing is used to prevent dirt, debris, and chlorides from deteriorating the deck and supporting bridge members. The work is done March thru May and September thru December, weather permitting with temperatures between 45 to 80 degrees. No significant precipitation with 24 hours.

General Note: Sealing of bridge approach or deck joints with hot pour material should be used at all bridge ends which butt against asphalt approach pavements or in concrete to concrete joints which are 1 1/2 in. or less in width and do not exhibit significant movement.


Crafco AR Plus; Heat resistant backer rod


1. Perform any repairs to joint, as required, before attempting to do any hot pour work.

2. Using hand tools or other equipment as required, clean out as much of old sealant and debris as possible to depth three times the width of joint.

3. Do not apply material to joint faces that are wet or damp. If any dampness remains in the joint, dry with heat lance or compressed air.

4. For joints greater the one half inch, install backer rod to a depth one inch below the roadway surface. For joints less than one half inch, no backer rod is required. Clean out the area with compressed air. Apply the sealant in the joint and overfill, band-aiding the joint approximately one to two inches on each side of joint with squeegee.

5. If traffic needs to be turned onto the area before the joint sealant can appropriately set up, spray the sealant with water-soap mixture and restore traffic.