943.3 AASHTO Policy on Route Marking and Application

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When a portion of an existing U.S. or interstate route is proposed for elimination, establishment, relocation, extension, establishment of an alternate route, or recognition of a business route, an AASHTO application will be submitted.

The AASHTO policy on route marking and the U.S. Route Numbering - Electronic Application Form are now available electronically. At the end of the application is the AASHTO policy on route marking.

Note: Do not submit the electronic file application to mvitale@aashto.org as the link instructs. MoDOT currently has all applications to first go through the Route Marking Committee then Traffic sends them to AASHTO after internal approval. However, AASHTO only meets to approve the applications in the spring and autumn of each year. Do not automatically or directly submit these to AASHTO.