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Would it be possible to have the sign types be explained in this section or somewhere else in 903? For example, this section should explain when to use SHR2L-1 or SHR2L-3, and STR2L-1 or STR2L-3. I have been unable to locate a section in the EPG that expands on this subject.

Keith L. Smith: Good comment. The SHR2L-1 vs. SHR2L-3 and STR2L-1 vs. STR2L-3 coding pertains to how they are fabricated. On Sheet 9 of 18 in Std. Plan 903.02 the code is explained: ST = Structural, SH = Flat Sheet, R2 = Type 3 Sheeting, R4 = Type 7 Sheeting, L-1 = screen print, reverse screen print or translucent cutable films and L-3 = Direct Applied. Traffic is considering expanding the guidance in the EPG on this very issue, but has elected to withhold any changes for now.