TM-63, Determination of Compatibility of Asphalt Release Agents with Hot Asphaltic Concrete

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This test method determines the compatibility with hot asphaltic concrete of asphalt release agents for truck beds. Apparatus

1) 250 ml glass beaker.

2) Oven capable of maintaining 150° ± 10° C.

3) General purpose balance. Procedure

The sample to be tested shall be the asphalt release agent diluted to the manufacturer's recommendations. If varying rates are shown, the strongest concentration (minimum dilution rate) shall be tested.

Measure out 100 grams of asphaltic concrete and place into a 250 ml glass beaker.

Place the beaker and contents in an oven preset to 150° ± 10° C for 1 hour.

Remove the beaker from the oven and immediately pour enough of the asphalt release agent into the beaker to cover the asphaltic concrete.

CAUTION: The asphalt release agent could splatter. Use care when pouring the material into the beaker.

Observe the solution every 30 seconds for 5 minutes. Determine if any asphalt has dissolved by observing the solution for any significant darkening or blackening. Report

The report shall show the tested dilution rate and extent of darkening or blackening.

Materials that cause significant darkening of the solution shall be reported as failing.