237.7 Equipment and Materials List

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Equipment and Materials List (Form D-15)

All projects containing permanent highway lighting or traffic signal items or temporary lighting and signal items retained by the Commission require an Equipment and Materials List (Form D-15). Form D-15 and its cover letter, are automatically generated when the project line items are created in the Bid Tabs program.Form D-15 and cover letter are to be submitted to Central Office Design as part of the electronic deliverables file (see EPG Electronic Deliverables File). The contractor will be responsible for completing the form by listing the products to be used on the project.

Form D-15 is used for permanent lighting and signal equipment. This form is not to be used for temporary lighting, signals or other work zone related items that will be removed before the project is completed, unless the items will be retained by the Commission.

Refer to Salvage Materials for additional Maintenance information.