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This article establishes procedures for Laboratory testing and reporting samples of galvanized steel bolts, nuts and washers for use in the installation of aluminum rail.

714.1 Procedure

714.1.1 Chemical Tests

The weight (mass) of coating of bolts, nuts and washers shall be determined, when requested, according to AASHTO M232. Original test data and calculations shall be recorded in Laboratory workbooks.

714.1.2 Physical Tests

Steel bolts and nuts shall be tested according to EPG 712.3.2.2 Physical Tests - Bolts and Nuts . Test results and calculations are to be recorded through AASHTOWARE Project (AWP).

714.2 Sample Record

The sample record shall be completed in AWP and shall indicate acceptance, qualified acceptance, or rejection. Appropriate remarks, as described in EPG 106.20 Reporting, are to be included in the remarks to clarify conditions of acceptance or rejection. Test results for bolts and nuts shall be reported on the appropriate templates under the Tests tab.