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Demolition of the old Platte Purchase Bridge is underway. The new US 69 Missouri River Bridge, which is replacing it, is partially open.
Clarkson Construction Company crews pour concrete for the new Grand Ave. bridge over I-670 in downtown Kansas City. The project is expected to reopen Grand Ave. to traffic by Dec. 1.
The Rte. 50/63 Lafayette Interchange was dedicated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony with Boys & Girls Club of Jefferson City, Lincoln Univ. (MO) Army ROTC, Lincoln Univ. (MO), Jefferson City Public Schools, Quinn Chapel AME Church Jefferson City, Mo., Sen. Mike Kehoe, City of Jefferson, Missouri, Central Dist. Engineer David Silvester and many others.

MoDOT has made great strides to build a good transportation system and increase taxpayers' trust in its ability to deliver what was promised. Innovative concepts, such as Practical Design and design-build, were used to deliver those commitments and have made MoDOT a leader in the transportation industry.

These forward-thinking, innovative concepts are reflected in the ENGINEERING POLICY GUIDE (EPG). This document provides a single reference for all engineering and engineering-related guidance by combining the former Right of Way, Design, Bridge, Construction, Traffic and Maintenance manuals.

MediaWiki, the engine behind the Wikipedia on the World Wide Web, is the software delivering the EPG. Over 30 million hits on the EPG endorse this format to be easy to navigate and pleasing to read. A small HELP ARTICLE is included to assist with helpful hints on how to use the EPG as well as other points of interest.

Perhaps you've wondered how many hits the most popular EPG articles have. As of early November, the numbers of hits are:
20. EPG 136, 144654 10. EPG 616, 195872
19. EPG 134, 147518 9. EPG 600, 230918
18. EPG 751.40, 151575 8. EPG 616.23, 252603
17. EPG 751.50, 159968 7. EPG 100, 281946
16. EPG 136.4, 160531 6. EPG 700, 290386
15. EPG 620.2, 167075 5. EPG 101, 302609
14. EPG 903, 171490 4. EPG 900, 315208
13. EPG 200, 175987 3. EPG 136.12, 340316
12. EPG 136.9, 183002 2. EPG 751, 392560
11. EPG 751.5, 188480 1. EPG Main Page, 2549951

New QRGs

11/9/16: The Land Disturbance QRG was replaced with three new Land Disturbance QRGs.

EPG 236.6.2 Scope of Assignment

11/9/16: Guidance was updated to reflect current practices. "Scope of Assignment for Simple Assignment or Experienced Staff and Fee" was removed.

EPG 106.16 Special Designs

11/8/16: Guidance for handling drawings from suppliers was expanded.

EPG 643.2.16.1 Buy America Guidelines for Utilities

11/1/16: Guidance has reverted to the previous, more relaxed, FHWA interpretation of Buy America.

Title Datum and Allied Services

11/1/16: Guidance in EPG Agreements Between Commission and Abstractor or Title Companies and EPG Procedure for Obtaining Title Services updated the agreements between Commission and abstractor or title companies to be current with business practices.

EPG 616.16 Law Enforcement Services

11/1/16: Guidance provided for incorporating law enforcement into contractor projects and maintenance operation work zones.

EPG 153 Agreements and Contracts

10/26/16: Guidance has been updated due to implementation of eAgreements.

EPG 751.50, H3. Bearings and I1.51

10/25/16: Notes H3.29.1, H3.49.1 and I1.51 were revised.

EPG Full Disclosure Clause

9/29/16: The full disclosure clause was updated to reflect how MoDOT currently handles property conveyances.

EPG 751.5.1.4 Contract Addendums and Construction Changes

9/29/16: Guidance for change orders to bridge plans has been revised.

EPG 751.36.2 Steel Pile

9/28/16: The cast in place pipe pile wall thicknesses commonly available were clarified.

Value Engineering

9/23/16: EPG 130.1 Discussion was updated to reflect the tracker identified goal. A new workbook is available for a district-led Value Analysis.

Preliminary Design of a Bridge

9/23/16: EPG 751.1.1 Overview has been updated to reflect current practice.

EPG 751.10.1.11 Slab Elevations

9/23/16: Guidance is now coordinated with MicroStation cells.

EPG 237.2.8 Utility Information Note

9/23/16: The note required to be placed on the title sheet has been expanded.

EPG 109.1 Measurement of Quantities

9/22/16: Guidance about measuring quantities was clarified.

EPG 903.2.12 Quantity Computations and EPG 903.3 Post-Mounted Signing

9/15/16: Revisions have brought these articles' guidance into conformance with various recent standard plan and policy changes.

EPG 110.3 Prevailing Wages and Records

9/14/16: Guidance has been updated to comply with the e-Construction JSP. For instance, #6a now reminds payroll checkers to consider overtime rules and #7c clarifies how to handle subsistence withholdings made by contractors.

EPG 131.1 Design Exception Process

9/6/16: Federal rules have reduced the controlling criteria to 10, reducing the instances in which federal approval is required on federal involvement projects. The expectations for documentation have also been updated.

EPG 907.1 Safety Program Guidelines

8/26/16: New guidance for safety funds is now available. Also, the article was generally restructured and clarified.

EPG 127.7 Threatened and Endangered Species

8/25/16: This article was updated and clarified, including the addition of new info on migratory birds.

EPG 703.2.7 Machine Finishing

8/25/16: Guidance for the use of a vibratory screed was expanded and clarified.

EPG 401.2.3 Job Mix Formula and EPG 460.3.13 Asphalt Binder Sampling

8/24/16: In EPG 401.2.3, contractors are allowed flexibility in the field to make bin adjustments provided the specs are satisfied. In EPG 460.3.13 Asphalt Binder Sampling, the collection of a third pint can of binder as the retained sample is the appropriate procedure.

EPG 401.2.8 Quality Assurance

8/24/16: Guidance was revised to reflect recent updates to Sec 401. Includes revisions to the TSR verbiage, plant setting adjustments by the contractor without prior approval, average core results for acceptance and the approach to Plasticity Index.

EPG 606.1.3 Guardrail Systems

8/24/16: Incidental grading for Type A end terminals was deleted so that a separate pay item could be included for prime contractors to bid on projects.