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QRG, AWP CO Estimate Final

1/22/21: A new QRG, AASHTOWare Final Project Estimate, is available.

EPG 751.50 Standard Detailing Notes

1/22/21: A new Standard Detailing Note, I1.71, replaces a detail on Bridge Std. Dwg. REDECK01.

EPG 129.3 “Virtual” Public Involvement (VPI)

1/21/21: Additional guidance related to recording and posting virtual events is now available.

EPG 751. CAD Levels

1/20/21: Two levels used for internal editorial purposes were added to the list of Bridge CADD levels. Also added were some basic instructions for printing editorial content in color on an otherwise black and white print drawing.

EPG 107.12 Contractor's Responsibility for Work

1/12/21: Several scenarios have been provided to clarify guidance.

EPG 109.12 Change Orders

1/7/21: Guidance has been clarified via a general re-write.

EPG 712. Shear Connector Welding

1/4/21: Guidance updated to clarify shear connector welding requirements.

EPG 231.8 Bridge Width

12/31/20: Guidance now reflects the latest practice of a 24 ft. minimum width.

EPG 712.1.5.4 Bolt Testing and Verification

12/31/20: New guidance for bolt testing and verification is now available.

EPG 751.50 Standard Detailing Notes, A1.4 Standard Plans

12/30/20: A new Standard Detailing Note A1.4, listing applicable standard plans, is now available. In EPG 751.5.1.5 Order of Plan Sheets, updates to the order of plan sheets were made. In EPG 751. Information Blocks, references to standard plans in the title block was removed.

EPG 712. Acceptable Field Welding Processes

12/23/20: Clarified the field welding procedure that uses flux cored arc welding and shielded metal arc welding.

EPG 613.1.2 Class A Partial Depth Pavement Repairs

12/22/20: New guidance for Hot Pour Polymer Modified Resin-Based Material is now available.

EPG 751.50 Standard Detailing Notes, J. MSE Wall Notes

12/18/20: Several MSE wall notes were clarified.

Pavement Type Selection Process

12/18/20: EPG 235.3.13 Pavement Type Selection was expanded to reflect current pavement type selection policies. New EPG 242 Optional and Alternate Pavement Designs is guidance moved from EPG Other Aspects of Pavement Design and updated to current pavement type selection policies.

EPG 147.3.11 Request to Subcontract Work (Form C-220)

12/16/20: Guidance about subcontracting on JOC contracts was clarified. C-220 submittals on JOCs are not to list any items due to the nature of the work.

EPG 153.6 Chief Counsel's Office

12/15/20: This new article provides details on each step and other important information needed to properly execute agreements.

EPG 751.50, H1.8

12/11/20: This standard detailing note and the guidance for the note were expanded to address non-standard faying surfaces in bolted splice connections.

Integral End Bent Simple and Rigorous Pile Design

11/30/20: Guidance in EPG 751.1.2.22 Types of Piling , EPG 751.1.2.23 Estimating the Lengths of Piles, EPG 751. Pile Design, EPG 751.36.5.2 Structural Resistance Factor (ϕc and ϕf) for Strength Limit State and EPG 751.36.5.7 Design Values for Steel Pile was updated to implement and clarify integral end bent simple and rigorous pile design procedure.

EPG 153.18 Multimodal

11/24/20: Information is now available for the new template, MO53 Preliminary Engineering Master Agreement.

EPG 136.11.13 Documentation Requirements

11/23/20: MoDOT will no longer be approving specific software for use; the LPA must ensure the software chosen meets the outlined criteria. Guidance about what should be documented in the construction diaries was clarified in EPG Project Diaries.

EPG 751.50, I4. Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Wrap - Bent Cap Shear Strengthening

11/20/20: New standard notes for Standard Drawing RHB08 to clarify note regarding design force.

EPG 147.3.6 Closing JOC Contracts

11/12/20: Clarified that a Materials Summary is not needed for Job Order Contracts.

Wing Lengths and C Bars

11/12/20: In EPG 751.1.2.2 Wing Lengths, guidance was added to consider making short turned-back wings sufficiently long so that the Type D barrier end section does not require extensive. In EPG 751. Slip Forming, replaced guidance about determining C bars lengths with actual length of C bars.

Fig. 616.8.10 - TMA Flagger - Lane Closure on Two-Lane Highways Using TMA Flaggers - DE/CM/MT

11/10/20: Interim guidance for TMA flagger operations is now available in EPG 616.8 Typical Applications.

EPG 751.5 Structural Detailing Guidelines

11/9/20: Guidance has been added (EPG 751. Reinforcing Callouts, for example) to standardize the format for reinforcing callouts.