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EPG 153.21 Traffic

11/23/21: Guidance is now available for two contracts (TR58, Transportation Data License Agreement and TR61, Motor Vehicle Crash Data License Agreement).

EPG 206.4 Construction Inspection Guidelines for Sec 206

11/22/21: New guidance has been added to clarify culvert cleanout expectations.

EPG 606.2 Guard Cable

11/18/21: Revisions provide a distinction between the roles for contractors and maintenance when replacing and/or repairing guard cable. A new Tension Log Form is to be used when repairing guard cable. Warrants for guard cable implementation have also been updated. Guidance for maintenance of crashworthy end terminals, guardrail, guard cable and fixed impact attenuators has been removed from EPG 171.11 Roadside Appurtenances.

Work Zone Crash Cushion

11/17/21: EPG 612 Impact Attenuators was revised to provide guidance on when WZ crash cushions are to be used and clarifies when sand barrels are to be used.

EPG 905.3 Transportation Impact Analysis

11/15/21: This new article is largely expected to be utilized by contractors. It is a compilation of best practices for Transportation Impact Analysis (TIA), a study that evaluates the potential adverse effects of proposed projects on surrounding and supporting transportation infrastructure and services. Revisions in EPG 905.1 Traffic Data Collection support the new TIA guidance.

EPG RWPA System Requirements for Condemnations

11/15/21: Information required to enter into RWPA for condemnation cases has been updated.

Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO)

11/15/21: The new EPG 909 Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) presents strategies to cost-effectively optimize the safety, reliability and capacity of the transportation system and are generally categorized to address either recurring or non-recurring congestion. Guidance related to (TSMO) that has been added or updated include EPG 235.6 Approval of Preliminary Plan and EPG 948 Incident Response Plan and Emergency Response Management. EPG 616.13.6.3 Smart Work Zone (SWZ) Strategy Selection has been revised to provide tools to access the traffic impact of the proposed project design(s).

Bond Breaker for Prestressed Members, Vent Locations for Box Beams

11/12/21: In EPG 751.22.2.4, Girder-Slab Interface, reverted the field-applied two-layer roofing felt bond breaker to the previous fabricator applied bond breaker. In EPG 1029.2.15 Bond Breaker, new guidance is available for inspecting bond breakers. In EPG 751. Arrangements and EPG 751.21.3.8 Vent Pipes for Stream Crossings, added guidance that some strand locations are not available when a vent pipe is required and revised locations of vent pipes.

EPG 712. Shear Connector Welding

11/12/21: Field weld testing requirements have been clarified.

Prestressed Beams and Girders

11/10/21: In EPG 751.21.1.2 Material Properties and especially in EPG 751.22 Prestressed Concrete I Girders, limited f’c to 10 ksi and f’ci to 7.0 ksi. Guidance was added for the maximum number of bonded strands to be used with the standard bursting and spalling reinforcement for I girders. Strands in excess of the maximum allowed shall be debonded at girder ends.

EPG Solicitation and Selection Step 3 – Central Office Review of Solicitation Request

11/4/21: Guidance for RFQ solicitation dates and calendar has been added.

EPG 751.13.1 Expansion Joint Systems

11/3/21: Guidance was clarified to restrict the use of bridge longitudinal expansion joints by requiring the Assistant State Bridge Engineer's prior approval.

Structural Steel Details

10/20/21: Guidance for stiffener attachments to steel superstructures has been clarified in EPG 751.14.5.1 Bearing Stiffeners, EPG 751.14.5.2 Int. Diaphragms and Cross Frames and EPG 751.14.5.5 Transverse Stiffeners. An associated standard detailing note was updated in EPG 751.50.

EPG 613.1.2, Hot Pour Polymer-Modified Resin-Based Material Alternate

10/19/21: Guidance has been clarified that hot pour, polymer-modified, resin-based material should not be used as a typical Class A material option.

EPG 903.9.12 City and County Accomplishment Plaques (I4-1P, I4-2P, I5-1P, I6-1P)

10/18/21: Guidance for the accomplishment plaque program has been eliminated to align with upcoming MUTCD guidance.

EPG 941.10 Automated License Plate Readers and Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras

10/1/21: New guidance is available for License Plate Readers and PTZ Cameras. It informs requesting agencies of the process to request license plate readers on MoDOT right of way and informs our staff about where these devices may be permitted.

EPG 616.6.37 Shoulder Work Signs (WO21-5b)

9/23/21: Guidance for SHOULDER WORK, SHOULDER WORK AHEAD, and RIGHT/LEFT SHOULDER CLOSED signs has been updated.

Major Traffic Disruption (PCE agreement threshold)

9/9/21: The definition of Major Traffic Disruption was updated to use the U.S. Census Bureau’s Urban Area Reference Maps since these maps more accurately depict a project area's rural or urban status.

Unit Pricing Table

9/7/21: The Unit Price Table has been updated in EPG 616.18, Relocation of Service Signs (Supplemental Guide Sign Program Signs) on Construction Projects to reflect the new MO Logos contract.

EPG, Consultant Presentations and Interviews

9/1/21: Fig., District/Division Approval of Short List, and guidance for the consultant agreements short list process have been streamlined, clarified and brought to current, established practice.

How to Complete the Request for Environmental Services

8/31/21: This updated document accommodates the new web-based system and is now available in EPG 127.1 Request for Environmental Services.

EPG Street Sweepings

8/26/21: Established guidance about analyzing street sweepings prior to disposal is now available.

Bridge Blasting and Painting Packet

8/23/21: Inspectors and REs may now access this information in EPG Required Information for Submittal and EPG 1081 Coating of Structural Steel.

Temporary Rumble Strips

8/13/21: Fig. 616.6.87.1 Rumble Strip Placement in Flagging Operations and Fig. 616.6.87.2 Rumble Strip Placement on a Divided Highway were updated and expanded to show the correct placement of both short-term and long-term rumble strips and associated signage.

Void Slab Calculations

8/12/21: In EPG 751.21.1.3 Geometric Properties, the geometry figures were revised with updated voided slab beam calculations. In EPG 751. End Blocks Lengths and Weights, end block weights were adjusted to conform with the new void areas and in EPG 751.21.3.8 Vent Pipes for Stream Crossings the 15" diaphragm weights were also adjusted to the new void areas.