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Abbreviations and definitions used in 106 Control of Material include:

AOAC, Association of Official Agricultural Chemists

Bid Request or Bid Proposal, An invitation to suppliers to submit a bid for furnishing materials and service needed, in specified quantities, in accordance with MoDOT requirements. The request furnishes the necessary information for the supplier to prepare a bid.

Certification, A document issued by a company wherein they certify that material is in accordance with the specification. Explicit requirements are shown in 106.8 Certifications.

District, One of ten geographical areas of the State of Missouri administered by a District Engineer of MoDOT.

FTMS, Federal Test Method Standards

Material, The substance or substances incorporated in the construction or maintenance of highway structures, bridges and incidentals.

Purchase Order, The notice to a supplier that the bid has been accepted and that the supplier may proceed to deliver the material or perform the service specified in the bid request. The purchase order further informs Department personnel to proceed with inspection, if required and acceptance.

Quotation, A statement, in writing, by a supplier that materials or services needed by MoDOT will be supplied at a certain price.

See Sec 101 for any abbreviation or definition not listed above.