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|valign="top" cellspacinepgg="0" cellpadding="5" style="border: 1px solid #FFA500; background:#ffdead"|
'''[[127.29 Storm Water#Special Watersheds where MoDOT|Special Watersheds where MoDOT has been assigned a Wasteload Allocation]]'''
4/9/18: Guidance to go with the MDNR permit agreement has been added.
'''[[:Category:110 State and Federal Wage Rates and Other Requirements#Required Notices and Posters|Project Bulletin Board Inspection Rate]] '''
'''[[:Category:110 State and Federal Wage Rates and Other Requirements#Required Notices and Posters|Project Bulletin Board Inspection Rate]] '''
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2/6/18: Guidance for a contractor to fill out Form C-220 was clarified in [[:Category:108 Prosecution and Progress#108.1.3 Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) Subcontracting|EPG 108.1.3 Disadvantaged Business Enterprises Subcontracting]].
2/6/18: Guidance for a contractor to fill out Form C-220 was clarified in [[:Category:108 Prosecution and Progress#108.1.3 Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) Subcontracting|EPG 108.1.3 Disadvantaged Business Enterprises Subcontracting]].
'''[[:Category:153 Agreements and Contracts# Agreements Written By Other Entities|EPG Agreements Written By Other Entities]]'''
2/5/18: This new guidance addresses Agreements initiated by other entities that are not initiated in eAgreements. The agreement template is initiated by the other entity, executed by the Commission and then uploaded into eAgreements Record center.

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All four lanes of Chestnut Expwy. west of Rte. 65 in Springfield are now open. Lane closings are expected for the next couple of weeks as the project is finished.
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Sliding the eastbound I-64/I-55 bridge (the Poplar St. Bridge) 9 ft. to the south across the Mississippi River to add an extra lane to the eastbound lanes.
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MoDOT is repairing 15 bridges along I-470 from Blue Ridge Blvd. to I-70. Crews are progressing well on the Cedar Cr. Bridge in Lee’s Summit.
(L to R) Sr. Traffic Studies Specialist Jeff Baird, a private citizen, Area Engr. Karen Yeomans and Proj. Manager Jenn Becker talk at a public hearing in Brentwood, MO about construction along Manchester Rd. between Lindbergh and Big Bend scheduled for 2020.

MoDOT has made great strides to build a good transportation system and increase taxpayers' trust in its ability to deliver what was promised. Innovative concepts, such as Practical Design and design-build, were used to deliver those commitments and have made MoDOT a leader in the transportation industry.

These forward-thinking, innovative concepts are reflected in the ENGINEERING POLICY GUIDE (EPG). This document provides a single reference for all engineering and engineering-related guidance by combining the former Right of Way, Design, Bridge, Construction, Traffic and Maintenance manuals.

MediaWiki, the engine behind the Wikipedia on the World Wide Web, is the software delivering the EPG. Over 40 million hits on the EPG endorse this format to be easy to navigate and pleasing to read. A small HELP ARTICLE is included to assist with helpful hints on how to use the EPG as well as other points of interest.

Perhaps you've wondered how many hits the most popular EPG articles have. As of early April, the numbers of hits are:
20. EPG 136 169177  10. EPG 751.5 238212
19. EPG 134 177164  9. EPG 616.23 273590
18. EPG 751.40 179332  8. EPG 600 275598
17. EPG 136.4 179499  7. EPG 100 325772
16. EPG 620.2 189014  6. EPG 700 341785
15. EPG 903 197447  5. EPG 900 360763
14. EPG 200 204543  4. EPG 101 385986
13. EPG 751.50 206559  3. EPG 136.12 389833
12. EPG 136.9 216849  2. EPG 751 455541
11. EPG 616 222475  1. EPG Main Page 3098351

Special Watersheds where MoDOT has been assigned a Wasteload Allocation

4/9/18: Guidance to go with the MDNR permit agreement has been added.

Project Bulletin Board Inspection Rate

4/5/18: The bulletin board inspection rate was revised from every two months to every three months.

EPG 749.5.3 Time of Concentration

4/5/18: Time of Concentration guidance was revised by providing an optional combination of Kirby-Hathaway and Kirpich equations and adding the optional low slope factor presented in new research.

Bridge Survey Report

4/4/18: The latest version of this form is now available.

EPG 237.13.5 Example Set of Electronic Design Data

4/3/18: This chart has been updated with current examples.

EPG Fee Simple vs. Less Than Fee Simple Interest

4/2/18: Clarified guidance about the legal title of opinion for excess property appraised for $25,000 or less that includes any references to right of way in the acquisition deed.

Light Bar Guidance

4/2/18: In EPG 616.8 Typical Applications, light bar policy in TA-35 and TAs 35a-d was clarified by highlighting in a note that the light bar is optional. Also, Light Bar guidance in EPG 616.27 Fleet Lighting was updated.

Obtaining DBE Concurrence Electronically in eAgreements

3/28/18: DBE Concurrence may now be electronically obtained in eAgreements. MOU execution process, consultant contract and supplemental agreement guidance was updated.

EPG 751.2.2 Transient Loads

3/27/18: Wind pressure on vehicles, braking force and centrifugal force are assumed to act horizontally at the roadway surface, per AASHTO agenda.

Contract Leveling Course (CLC) and Seal Coat

3/27/18: The Contract Leveling Course and Seal Coat guidelines, pdf files, as well as their respective JSP packages were updated.

EPG File Naming Convention for Plan Sheet Changes

3/20/18: Guidance was updated for ProjectWise.

EPG 237.14 Electronic Design Data Delivery

3/16/18: EPG 237.14 has been completely rewritten and updated. Please carefully read and note the changes.

EPG 751.1.2.21 Substructure Type

3/9/18: Guidance for minimum galvanized penetration (elevation) was added for piles for retaining walls supported on piles and bridge end bents on piles with embankments supported by MSE walls.

TMA Light Bar

3/8/18: In EPG 612.1.3 MoDOT Protective Vehicle/TMA Guidelines, the TMA Light Bar is now temporarily optional and not required to be purchased for use. In EPG 616.8 Typical Applications, TA-35 MT and TAs 35a-35d MT were also updated with this information.

Tack Coat Estimate Factors

2/27/18: The tack coat estimate factors were updated in EPG 450 Bituminous Pavement Design.

EPG 146.2 DBE Subcontract

2/22/18: Clarified guidance regarding overruns and underruns as they relate to DBE participation.

DBE Concurrence and Executing Consultant Contracts

2/16/18: Guidance in EPG 134.2.4 MoDOT MOU Execution Process, EPG 134.4 Contract Approval, Execution and Distribution, EPG 134.5.2 Supplemental Agreements and EPG 153.8 Design now directs that DBE Concurrence must be requested prior to executing consultant contracts.

D-15 Material List

2/9/18: In 237.7 Equipment and Materials List, designers are now required to include the D-15 in the Electronic Deliverables.

EPG 616.6.89 Radar Speed Advisory Assembly

2/9/18: Expanded and updated guidance on the placement of the Radar Speed Advisory Assembly.

Revised Galvanized Pile Requirements

2/9/18: In EPG 702 Load-Bearing Piles, EPG 751.1.2 Bridges/Boxes, EPG 751.36 Driven Piles, EPG 751.50 E2, EPG 751.50 G, the revised galvanized pile requirements eliminate steel piling option AASHTO M 270, Gr 36 (ASTM A 709, Gr 36) and replace it with AASHTO M 270, Gr 50 (ASTM A709, Gr 50). 

Pipe Culverts

2/9/18: Guidance has been clarified and completely rewritten to be in accordance with pipe specifications. This includes the new articles EPG 724 Pipe Culverts and EPG 1041 Polypropylene Culvert Pipe and the re-titled EPG 730 Thermoplastic Pipe Culverts. EPG 732 Flared End Sections, EPG 750.7.2 Types, EPG 1028 Corrugated Polyvinyl Chloride Culvert Pipe and EPG 1047 Corrugated Polyethylene Culvert Pipe were also updated. EPG 728 Corrugated Polyvinyl Chloride Culvert Pipe was deleted since there is no longer a Sec 728.

Drainage relative to MSE Walls

2/9/18: Revised guidance in EPG 747.2.6.2 Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Wall Systems, EPG 751.1.2.18 Preliminary Cost Estimate, EPG 751.1.2.31 Design Exceptions, EPG 751.1.4.3 MSE Walls, EPG 751.10.3.1 Type, Alignment and Spacing , EPG 751.10.3.3 General Requirements for Location of Slab Drains, EPG 751.24.1.1 Wall Type Selection, EPG 751.24.2 Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Walls and EPG J1. General better defines where drainage/water can or cannot be discharged relative to the location of MSE walls and provides ways to divert the drainage/water in the design process.

Collars on Precast Concrete Box Culverts

2/9/18: Revisions in EPG 751.8.1.5 Precast Culvert, EPG 751.8.3.2 Steel Reinforcement and EPG 751.50 A2.8 address collars on precast concrete box culverts when cast-in-place box culverts are called for on the project. The revision also revises when/how geotextile fabric is used on precast joints. 

LED Luminaires

2/9/18: Guidance is now provided to allow the use of LED luminaires for roadway lighting in EPG 901.7 Light Source and Intensity, EPG 901.8 System Voltage, EPG 901.9 Layout, EPG 901.11, EPG 901.12 Electrical Components, EPG 901.13, EPG 901.14 Dusk-to-Dawn Lighting Policy, EPG 901.16 Construction Inspection Guidelines for Sec 901.

Request to Subcontract Work (Form C-220)

2/6/18: Guidance for a contractor to fill out Form C-220 was clarified in EPG 108.1.3 Disadvantaged Business Enterprises Subcontracting.