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'''[[media:134_5_1_1_2021.xlsx|Fig., Blank Consultant Invoice]]'''
'''[[media:134_5_1_1_2021.xlsx|Fig., Blank Consultant Invoice]]'''
4/8/21: The latest version of the Blank Consultant Invoice is available.  Guidance for this invoice has also been changed from life of the contract to life of the invoicing period. [[:Category:134 Engineering Professional Services#Each member of the selection team| Workforce Diversity Verification]].
4/8/21: The latest version of the Blank Consultant Invoice is available.  Guidance for this invoice has also been changed from life of the contract to life of the invoicing period. [[:Category:134 Engineering Professional Services#Invoicing| Workforce Diversity Verification]].
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Fig., Blank Consultant Invoice

4/8/21: The latest version of the Blank Consultant Invoice is available. Guidance for this invoice has also been changed from life of the contract to life of the invoicing period. Workforce Diversity Verification.

EPG 751.1.3.4 Barrier or Railing Type, Height and Guidelines for Curb Blockouts

4/6/21: In the Thrie Beam notes of the Common Bridge Barrier and Railing (for Rehabilitations) table, guidance has been updated to restrict the use of MGS approach rail with non-blocked thrie beam bridge rail.

Fig., Consultant Selection Approval Letter

4/2/21: The latest version of the Consultant Selection Approval Letter is available. Guidance for this letter has also been clarified in EPG Solicitation and Selection Step 5 – Selection of Consultant.

Prestressed Beams

4/2/21: New EPG 751.21 Prestressed Concrete Slab and Box Beams is available to provide guidance for designing beams. EPG 751.1.2.4 Skew Angle, EPG 751.1.2.7 Structure Type Selection, EPG 751.10.1.14 Girder and Beam Haunch Reinforcement, 751.22.1.2 Geometric Dimensions, EPG 751. Girder Length and Geometric Layout, EPG 751.22.2.4 Shear , EPG 751.22.3.8 Camber, Haunching, and Stepping and Sloping of Top Flange Camber and several notes in EPG 751.50 Standard Detailing Notes were updated to correspond to the new guidance in EPG 751.21 Prestressed Concrete Slab and Box Beams. Also, retitled/re-numbered EPG 751.20 Continuous Concrete Slab Bridges as EPG 751.17 Concrete Slab Bridges, EPG 751.21 Concrete Box Girders as EPG 751.18 Concrete Multicell Box Girder Bridges, EPG 751.22 P/S Concrete I Girders as EPG 751.22 Prestressed Concrete I Girders, EPG 751.23 P/S Concrete Double Tee as EPG 751.23 Prestressed Concrete Double Tee Girders and EPG 751.40 Widening and Repair (LFD and Not Updated) as EPG 751.40 LFD Widening and Repair.

EPG 501.1.3.5 Compressive Strength

3/26/21: Guidance about curing and testing procedures for cores and cylinders in projects with paving and structures has been clarified.

EPG 751.50 Standard Detailing Notes

3/25/21: This note was updated to clarify the procedure for making holes for a finger plate connection.

EPG 129.3 “Virtual” Public Involvement (VPI)

3/24/21: Guidance has been placed in a box here and in EPG 129.6 Public Hearing stating that the FHWA will temporarily allow all public involvement activities previously conducted in person to exclusively use virtual techniques.

EPG 236.16.15 Vegetation Removal

3/24/21: Guidance has been updated to current practice.

EPG 108.1.1 Review and Approval of a Subcontract Request

3/23/21: New guidance is available about when subletting requirements can be adjusted.

EPG Description, Reason and Supporting Documentation

3/19/21: This new guidance is available for addressing time adjustment change orders as well as the supporting documentation.

EPG 903.14.1 Memorial Designation Programs

3/17/21: New Memorial Designation Programs guidance is now available for statewide uniformity.

Pier Protection

3/15/21: In EPG 751.2.2.6 Other Loads, EPG 751.31.2.2 Loads and EPG 751.31.3.2 Column, pier protection guidance was updated to reflect the latest AASHTO collision requirements and MoDOT exceptions.

EPG 751.10 General Superstructure

3/12/21: Deck cantilever design guidance for the MASH Type D and H barriers is now available in EPG 751.10, particularly in EPG 751.10.1.3 Loads.

EPG 751.1.3.4 Barrier or Railing Type, Height and Guidelines for Curb Blockouts

3/12/21: Guidance has been updated for the use of MASH and NCHRP 350 barrier and rail.

AWP QRG Revision Dates

3/9/21: For the convenience of readers, AWP QRG Revision Dates information has been added to EPG 101, AASHTOWare Project Quick Reference Guides (QRGs).

EPG 105.15.1 Partial Acceptance

3/8/21: New, clarifying guidance is now available for partial acceptance.

Public Involvement when Considering Roundabouts and J-Turns

3/5/21: Guidance was expanded in EPG 233.2.6 Type 4: Directional Median Opening with Downstream U-Turns and EPG 233.3 Roundabouts to draw additional attention to the benefits of public involvement for J-Turn and roundabout designs.

EPG 616.6.61 Arrow Boards

3/4/21: The Sign Display table was revised to show that the Work Type for Flashing Double Arrows is both Stationary and Mobile Operations, not just Stationary.

Quality Standards for Temporary Traffic Control Devices

3/2/21: This new work zone flyer highlights the top deficiencies noticed in MoDOT work zones. Also, guidance for TTCD retroreflectivity has been expanded in EPG 616.19.2.1 General.

Buy America Requirements

2/25/21: Guidance in EPG 106.9 Buy America Requirement and EPG Summary Packet of Materials Inspected was added to utilize NTPEP compliance that AASHTO already has in place for programmatic acceptance of Buy America. It significantly reduces paperwork and effort from suppliers, contractors, MoDOT and FHWA.

EPG 751.50 Standard Detailing Notes

2/23/21: Several H3. Bearings notes were updated to clarify sole plate and anchor bolt coating requirements when superstructure is galvanized. Two notes, H3.29.2 and H3.49.2, were added.

School Speed Limit

2/22/21: Guidance for when to install a school speed limit flasher assembly was updated in EPG 902.12.7 Procedures for Advance Beacon Installations by Outside Parties. The guidance for the SPEED LIMIT XX WHEN FLASHING sign is now available in EPG 903.18.14 School Speed Limit Flasher Assembly (S5-1) and END SCHOOL SPEED LIMIT Sign (S5-3). New guidance about stopping for school buses loading or unloading children is available in EPG 903.18.16 STOP FOR SCHOOL BUS LOADING OR UNLOADING CHILDREN STATE LAW (Special R0-1), ALL LANES (Special W0-1) Signing.

Accessible Pedestrian Signal

2/22/21: In EPG 902.6.9 Accessible Pedestrian Signals and Detectors – General through EPG 902.6.15 Post-installation Checklist of Accessible Pedestrian Signals and Maintenance, guidance about Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS) for the visually impaired has been expanded. Standards and support are now provided for APS locations, walk indications, tactile arrows, locator tones, and extended pushbutton press features. A post-installation checklist has also been provided. Pages 15 and 16 of the ADA Checklist was also updated in EPG 101 Standard Forms, EPG 136.9 Plans, Specs and Estimates (PSE), and EPG 642.8 Sidewalk Design Criteria.

EPG Right of Entry

2/19/21: New Right of Entry guidance is available for when and how this agreement (RW21) should be used.

EPG 238.2.17 Professional Land Surveyor Review

2/19/21: Guidance was updated to reflect the legal requirement that permanent easements must be signed and sealed by the PLS.

EPG 147.3 Job Order Contracting (JOC)

2/18/21: The opening paragraph has been updated because the FHWA has incorporated their Final Rule for ID/IQ projects into 23 CFR 635 Subpart F. JOCs are a procurement means for delivering ID/IQ projects.

Statewide Signal/Lighting/Flasher Preventive Maintenance Checklist

2/17/21: This new Highway Safety/Traffic checklist is available at EPG 101 Standard Forms and EPG 902.5.8.4 Record Keeping.